Creative Direction & Digital Flagship

DTE was tasked with elevating and unifying Jemma Wynne's visual identity and digital presence. DTE helped to establish a new look and feel for the brand's photo and video assets and oversaw monthly website updates.

Email Marketing & Creative

DTE is responsible for weekly email blasts, a key component of Jemma Wynne's communication with customers, from concepting through to execution. Whether highlighting a new collection release, editorial story or appointments for custom pieces, emails need to feel fresh, exciting and luxurious.

Social Media & Paid Advertising

In order to maintain a unified appearance across all digital touchpoints, DTE also is an integral part of curating Jemma Wynne's Instagram account and executing their paid media campaigns. DTE collaborates with Jemma Wynne's copywriter and paid media agency to ensure campaigns are cohesive and impactful.