DTE Studio


Refreshed brand identity and collateral design.

Advertising and Marketing

2017 Advertising Campaign, Product Development, Merchandising, and E-Commerce Website Upgrade

Model in cream colored Pologeorgis fur coat for advertising campaign for Pologeorgis.


Creative Direction, Casting, Pre and Post Production, File and Sample Management, Photo Studio, Equipment, Project Management, Retouching

Collection of images with creative direction by DTE for Pologeorgis' e-commerce.

Season Three

2016 Advertising Campaign, Product Development, Merchandising, and Website Upgrade

Images from Pologeorgis' 2016 advertising campaign.

Season Two

2015 Advertising Campaign, Product Development, and E-Commerce Launch

E-commerce launch for Pologeorgis by DTE Studio

Season One

2014 Advertising Campaign and Lookbook Art Direction

Compilation of images from Pologeorgis' advertising campaign in 2014 by DTE.